Enhancing workflows with StructionSite and Autodesk Build
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How the Jacobsen team uses the StructionSite Partner Card in Autodesk Build dashboards to access project photo documentation in one place.

Unique Dashboards for Meetings

At Jacobsen, team members are trained to create unique dashboards in Autodesk Build for each type of meeting they have—whether for OAC meetings, subcontractor coordination meetings, or for internal staff meetings. That way, all of the relevant information they need is easily accessible for their conversations. Team members are then able to move away from creating separate reports, which typically require a lot of time-consuming preparation beforehand and are out of date by the time the meeting happens.

Team members who lead each meeting share the dashboards with meeting members, and it serves as an agenda. Additionally, having StructionSite available to reference right in the dashboard saves time toggling between platforms. According to Brian Wood, IT Support Technician at Jacobsen, “participants can see all the information they need for their meeting right on their dashboard as they look at StructionSite project images. That way, there is no reason or need to toggle back and forth between the dashboards and somewhere else."

Increased visibility into project documentation

The StructionSite Partner Card in Autodesk Build dashboards allows for private & public viewing of StructionSite documentation, and gives the ability to access a StructionSite project directly within Autodesk Build.

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Heather Soderquist, Director of Operations Training & Development, trains Jacobsen team members to incorporate the StructionSite Partner Card in Autodesk Build dashboards as part of the team’s regular workflow. She says the ability to view StructionSite projects directly from the Build dashboards brings Jacobsen teams better visibility into what’s happening on site—and she hopes this will encourage different team members to take more photos in StructionSite.

“When we put StructionSite in a Build dashboard, then more of the team is likely to be more willing to access the information and look at those photos. And the more that we are making it a single place for them to go to do that, the better.”

With the current features, and those coming soon to the StructionSite and Autodesk Build integration, Heather sees the long-term value of having the data from each tech platform integrated and communicated directly between the two.

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“As a company, our goal is to leverage the technology we have to free up our people for more QA/QC work, and less administrative things. That’s the big vision here, and what excites me about Build and StructionSite: that by taking the technology that you’re both really good at and putting it in the hands of our people, it’s so obviously easy that they can do things efficiently and move on.”

Heather Soderquist
Director of Operations Training & Development

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